Sean’s testimonial

We have been roaming different hospitals and clinics to seek help for our son Sean ever since he was three years old. However, there was never any progress and we lived under stress and tears until we found KickStart.

When we first started at KickStart, Ms. Wu listened to us and observed Sean attentively to understand the problems we were facing. After every session, the therapist would carefully explain the purpose of each lesson to help me gain understanding of how sensory integration helps our son. Even more impressive is that the therapist would teach me different ways to help Sean from home. Aside from putting in effort during the sessions, she never forgets to remind us of the importance of completing the assignments she sets for us. I believe this is another reason why Sean has improved so much at KickStart.

Through the one-on-one sessions at KickStart, Sean showed steady improvement. After a while, he was finally ready to join the group sessions. After discussing with his therapist, we decided for Sean to join group sessions to help him learn group norm behaviors from and with other children. This decision has really helped Sean for he has made quite a few friends. He looks forward to the lessons every week.

We were very anxious about Sean going into first grade, and we even asked the school to arrange a counselor to help him adapt to being in elementary school. However, the teacher soon told us that Sean has been doing very well and there is no need for a counselor. Sean is now in second grade and has continued to stay at the top of his class.

The transformation only took a few short years. Nowadays, no one would believe that Sean was once a special needs child. The school even signed him up for advanced classes. What a rewarding journey we had at KickStart! I believe every family with a special needs child will be able to receive the help they need here.

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