Eugene’s testimonial

Eugene, a 3-year-old boy with autistic characteristics, often throws a temper tantrum – throwing himself onto the floor, thrashing about, wailing with tears – whenever things do not go his way. He rarely makes eye contact or interact with others,...

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Chace’s testimonial

Chace, a third-grader, has difficulties maintaining seated while doing his homework. He gets distracted easily and often leaves his seat. What should only take 30 minutes would take him more than 2 hours to finish. In addition to this, he has a hard...

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Leonard’s testimonial

This is the testimony of a mother who shared with us and on her blog her joy of seeing how her child has transformed over the course of a one-month intensive therapy program at KickStart: At five and a half years old, Leonard was entering an “unusual...

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Ginger’s testimonial

Ever since my daughter was just a baby, she had trouble sleeping. It got even worse when she was growing her teeth – aside from having a hard time falling asleep, she also cried several times every night. My daughter was a picky-eater not only...

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Sean’s testimonial

We have been roaming different hospitals and clinics to seek help for our son Sean ever since he was three years old. However, there was never any progress and we lived under stress and tears until we found KickStart. When we first started at KickStart,...

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