Ginger’s testimonial

Ever since my daughter was just a baby, she had trouble sleeping. It got even worse when she was growing her teeth – aside from having a hard time falling asleep, she also cried several times every night.

My daughter was a picky-eater not only in terms of certain foods – she just didn’t eat. Moreover, she might not eat tomorrow what she ate today. In addition, she took extreme care with activities involving big movements. She would always observe first and only perform the movement if she was confident of succeeding. At first, we simply thought that our daughter was born like this and things would probably get better with age. Unfortunately, things took an unexpected turn downwards when she started kindergarten.

She would cry all morning saying she doesn’t want to go to school. At night, she had nightmares, she kicked, she bawled, she ground her teeth, and she eventually became obsessive-compulsive. We talked to her teacher and speculated that it was most likely due to not knowing what to do with the stress of seeing other children being punished at school. We tried all different methods to help her but none of them worked.

That was until we found KickStart, when things took a turn for the better.

The therapy course involved one occupational therapy session each week and some simple exercises for her to do at home. It only took three days to stop her nightmares, kicking, bawling and grinding. After a week, she magically asked to go back to her own bed to sleep and stopped crying at night. It was winter vacation at that time, and she was being transferred to a new school the next semester. We were worried that the same problems would start again and arranged to speak with the principal several times. It was surprising to hear that the principal thought she adapted well to the new environment, and that she was the happiest student in school. Soon after, she was always rewarded for helping her teachers. She even played the lead role in the school’s Christmas and Graduation events.

My daughter now performs well in all areas in school. She received certification for being a good student during the first semester of grade one, and certification for being a model student in the second semester. Many teachers often praise her and think highly of her. She also gets along well with her classmates.

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