KickStart conducts comprehensive one-on-one evaluations to ensure every kid receives the most professional and detailed care.

The duration of the evaluation is approximately one hour, including on-site observation and the development of a detailed brief.

Please fill in your available date and time, and we will contact you to schedule your consultation. Thank you.

The steps for scheduling an assesment

Online Appointment Form:

Please fill out the following appointment form to provide your child's basic information and the time and branch for the assessment you prefer.


A dedicated representative will contact you to schedule an assessment time and provide more information about the assessment process.

The Assessment:

The assessment will last for approximately one hour. The therapist will decide how to interact with the child based on the current situation. This may involve observing the child, interacting with the child to assess their abilities, or having a conversation with the child to understand their perspective and thoughts. Finally, the therapist will have a deep conversation with the parents to confirm the family's needs and adjust the direction of the therapy plan.


One-on-one assessment in Chinese: $2,600
One-on-one assessment in English or Korean: $4,300

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