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Services & Techniques

What we do

Occupational Therapy is a series of exercises both physical and mental designed to help children who have difficulty with day to day life. Our program focuses on fun activities – what children would view as “playing” – that help children develop the skills they need to adapt and help alleviate their daily challenges.

How do I know if my child can benefit from occupational therapy? 

If your child have suffered from the following issues:

  • Inflexibility -My child cannot accept sudden changes.
  • Difficulty with peer relationships-My child doesn’t know how to get along with friends.
  • Tantrums/Irritability-My child gets very emotional and can be difficult to calm down.
  • Oppositional Attitude/Defiant/Resistance-My child likes to argue a lot with adults/refuse to do what an adult asks.
  • Aggression-My child has explosive temper tantrums, fighting or attempts to hurt others.
  • Fidgety or Hyperactive-My child does not pay attention.
  • School refusal-My child does not like to go to school.
  • Avoidance/Excessive resistance to doing work-My child does not seem interested in anything.
  • Sleep disorder-My child always wakes up in the middle of the night and cannot fall asleep.
  • Digestive disorder/Feeding difficulties-My child does not seem interested in particular textures.
  • Attentional Disorder-My child has trouble multitasking and low frustration tolerance.

Our duty is to improve a child’s potential. We present solutions to educate children and to assist parents in understanding their child so that they can raise them with ease and joy. Every child is unique with his/her special needs. We give the most suitable solution that matches the need of each individual child. Read more about our programs below.


Sensory Integration

The most important step in promoting your child’s sensory integration is to acknowledge its existence and understand the role it plays in the development of your child. Through a deeper understanding of sensory integration, parents and teachers can provide an abundant environment to steer kids onto the right path to grow healthily.

Fine Motor Movement, Hand Function, Writing Skills

Fine motor movement plays a delicate role in your child's life. We help children build a stable foundation for hand functions, develop better fine motor movements, and work on their writing and hand manipulation skills.  The development of hand function can impact learning in school, independence, peer interaction and how they play games.

Language and Communication Development; Oral Movement Skills

Language is one of the most important elements of communication. It helps us express our emotions, thoughts and needs. The development of language may affect our children’s confidence and social/learning ability. Listening comprehension is another significant element of communication and expression. We need to understand what others are talking about in order to respond properly. That is why we focus so heavily on language development at KickStart. 

Visual Function Training

During development, vision lays a foundation for learning and plays a very important role in how we observe and understand the world. We interpret the information received through our eyes to differentiate all kinds of objects (for example: book, apple, cup, etc.). It also impacts the way we read and write, judge distance and location, and so on.

Social and Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal and social skills are important for children to blend into their social life. Good emotion control may help children not only to overcome challenges and pressures they face on a day-to-day basis, but also improve their mental health. Additionally, it deeply affects interpersonal relationships and how they adapt to social situations.

Attention & Concentration Program

Attention Concentration Program can improve:

  • Focus performance: concentration, selection, continuity and delegation
  • Memory
  • Alertness modulation
  • Amount of activity
  • Hostility control
  • Stable emotions
  • Overall learning performance

Emotion Regulation Program

Good emotion control may help children not only to overcome challenges and pressure but also to improve mental health development. Additionally, it deeply affects interpersonal relationships and social adaptation.

Alert Program for Self-Regulation

The alert program is one method to help children who struggle to self-regulate.

Summer/Winter break course

Don’t let the pandemic hinder your child’s progress!

Taiwan remains one of the safest countries in the world – come to Taiwan for a 20-day iLs PRO course to effectively treat ADD/ADHD and autism.

Professional Techniques

Quantum Reflex Integration Treatment

This combines sound and light stimuli to promote reflex integration, which can improve cognition, behavior, emotional problems and motion development. Usually after two to three training sessions, children can improve eye pursuit movement, eye hand coordination, hand grip and other motions so that they also perform better at school and home.

integration Listening systems® (iLs)

This is a series of sensory entry training, which simultaneously stimulates the vestibular sensory, auditory, vision, motion and cerebellum. It includes three different lessons: 1) brain-ear, 2) vision-balance coordination, and 3) interactive language.

Yoga for Kids & Specialized Yoga ®

Improves focus, increases interpersonal interactions and enhances social development.

Brain Gym

Promote special actions to develop various parts of the brain and improve a child's learning ability.


Improves concentration, visual function and school performance.

Masgutova tactile integration

Masgutova tactile integration improves all kinds of movement development and reflex integration.

Silva Qigong Sensory Training (QST)

Qigong Sensory Training improves sleep quality, language and social skills.

SSP (Safe and Sound Protocol)

Developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, the SSP is a five-day auditory intervention designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity while enhancing social engagement and resilience. Based on Dr. Porges’ Polyvagal Theory, by calming the physiological and emotional state, the door is open for improved communication and more successful therapy.

MNRI® Neuroreflex Integrative Therapy

Promotes sensory processing, emotional recovery, motor physiology and sensory movement rehabilitation.

Therapeutic Listening (TL)®

By listening to therapeutic music and cooperating with sensory integration activities, the child will improve concentration, organizational behavior, self-regulation, posture control, bilateral coordination, physical ability, fine movement control, oral movement and sound composition, social interaction skills and communication, and visual action integration.

Handwriting Without Tears®

Use fun, interesting and suitable for the child's developmental stage of guidance, combined with multi-sensory activities, to help children of different ages to start from the basics, step by step to improve writing ability and learning motivation. In accordance with the developmental stage, use multiple sensory strategies to improve children's writing ability.

This course has been included in the formal writing teaching curriculum by the American Multi-State Education Bureau.

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