Cindy’s testimonial

Cindy seems no different from other children now, but that was not the case six years ago. I thought that she was perhaps a late bloomer, but to my disappointment, Cindy was diagnosed with “Global Developmental Delay”.

Cindy first started her treatment at the hospital, but a senior therapist soon realized that the treatment had limited effect on Cindy, and so she recommended Ms. Wu to me. I had my doubts about KickStart at first because I didn’t know very much about the institution. However, I also did not want to miss out on any opportunity; therefore, I decided to keep Cindy on her treatment at the hospital and give KickStart a try. At KickStart, I was able to see a difference in the teacher’s tone when speaking, in their therapy methods and in the atmosphere of the entire environment. Cindy was very happy at KickStart, which made me feel more at ease with the institution. I also soon discovered that Cindy wasn’t shy in front of strangers anymore; rather, she was very lively. I was very relieved to see that.

The teacher at KickStart treated Cindy using what they called an “iLS Integrated Listening System”. It looks like a regular mp3 player, but the system really improved Cindy’s language development.

Aside from the therapy sessions, there are also assignments from KickStart to complete at home. They involve doing somersaults and handstands, exercises that help nerve development.

In the past six years, Cindy went from being unable to make eye contact with strangers to being able to greet others on her own. She went from having problems with learning to being scarcely different from her peers. She went from feeling insecure about a break in her routine to being able to adjust in a shorter amount of time. She made huge improvements in kinesthetic, spatial and directional learning. Now, she only needs to focus on cognition, concentration and abstract thinking.

Everyone sees Cindy as a lively and happy child now because she is no different than other children. She interacts with her peers well and has a close circle of friends. Going to school every day makes her so happy. I am extremely satisfied with these results.

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