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Handwriting Without Tears®

Course Objectives

In accordance with the developmental stage, use multiple sensory strategies to improve children's writing ability.


Even if the development of modern technology allows children to have more diverse learning media, children still rely heavily on writing for learning and homework in the classroom. In addition to activating children's brains, writing can enhance children's learning-related abilities such as listening, speaking, reading and critical thinking, and can also promote children's communication efficiency.

In clinical practice, many children have incorrect pen holding posture due to tiger mouth, hand arch, and poor front-end joint stability, such as the wrong pen holding posture that wraps the index finger with the thumb. It will take more effort and time for the child, which will affect the low learning motivation. In addition, the pen will become very straight when writing with the thumb and the index finger. Children must tilt their heads to see the written words. The wrong pen holding posture is associated with errors that affect the body posture. Long-term scoliosis, shoulder height differences, cervical spine, Problems such as unbalanced neck and back muscles.

To this end, Qiduan specially introduced the handwriting treatment program "Handwriting Without Tears ®" developed by American occupational therapist Jan Z. Olsen. It uses a playful, interesting and guidance method that matches the child’s developmental stage, combined with multi-sensory activities to help different Children of age start from the basics, step by step to improve writing ability and learning motivation. This course has been included in the formal writing teaching curriculum by the American Multi-State Education Bureau.

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