Handwriting Without Tears®

Course Objectives

To enhance children's writing skills through the use of multi-sensory strategies in line with their developmental stages.


Even with the advent of modern technology, which provides children with a wider range of learning media, children still rely heavily on writing for their learning and schoolwork in the classroom. Writing not only revitalizes the child's brain and enhances their learning-related skills such as listening, speaking, reading and critical thinking, but also promotes effective communication.

Many children in the clinical setting have an incorrect grip on the pen due to poor stability of the tiger's mouth, hand arches and front joints, such as a wrong grip with the thumb wrapped around the index finger, which will take more effort and time for the child and further affect their motivation to learn. Moreover, the pen becomes so straight when the thumb wraps around the index finger that the child has to tilt his head to see what he is writing.  An incorrect pencil grip can lead to poor body posture, which in the long run may result in scoliosis, shoulder height difference, cervical spine and neck and back muscle imbalance.

To this end, KickStart has introduced a writing therapy program that employs a fun, entertaining and developmentally appropriate approach that integrates multi-sensory activities to help children of all ages to improve their writing skills and increase their learning motivation, starting from the basics. This program has been incorporated into the formal writing curriculum by the US Department of Education in many states.

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