Brain Gym

Course Objectives

To enhance learning effectiveness, concentration, promote emotional management, relieve stress, learn relaxation techniques and cultivate a positive attitude


Brain Gym originated in 1969 when its founder, Dr. Paul Dennison, developed a series of simple, enjoyable and special movements based on educational muscle dynamics, Chinese medicine, yoga and neuro-linguistic programming for children with learning disabilities, to promote the development and connection of all parts of the brain.

The 26 Brain Gym activities can be performed without any tools and are effective in promoting emotional stability, eliminating stress and anxiety, improving motor coordination and enhancing learning performance.

The Brain Gym book has been translated into over 20 languages and is widely used in public and private schools and general corporate training programs in over 80 countries. Several studies have also supported the effectiveness of Brain Gym. Many school teachers and headmasters overseas have seen that Brain Gym can help prepare students for learning and therefore strongly encourage students to do Brain Gym for 5-10 minutes every day before class, and have seen significant progress in student learning.

The benefits of Brain Gym are as follows:  

  • Helps with stress management and relaxation
  • Improves reading and recitation kills, including visual perception, organization, comprehension, expression, etc.
  • Enhances writing and maths skills, including hand-eye coordination, spelling, thinking, etc.
  • Refines language skills to help children understand, speak and write clearly
  • Boosts motor co-ordination
  • Heightens self-awareness

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