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Visual Function Training

Course Objectives

Strengthen visual perception and improve learning performance.


During development, vision lays a foundation for learning and plays a very important role in observing and understanding this world. What is “visual perception”? Through the information received from our eyes, we interpret the information so that we can differentiate all kinds of objects (for examples: book, apple, cup, etc.), read and write, judge distance and location and so on.

Common causes of visual perception issues include: sensory integration dysfunction, ocular motor, visual-spatial integration/body schema, visual-motor coordination and etc. When you come to Kickstart, our professional occupational therapist will give you a diagnosis and treat your child accordingly. We provide professional training sessions and home programs. We also provide advanced visual perception training to help your child improve their learning performance.

Visual perception training is known to improve:

  • Ocular motor function
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Reading comprehension and speed
  • Spelling
  • Reciting
  • Math-geometric spatial concepts
  • Learning disabilities

Advanced Visual Perception Training – “Three-in-One Training Protocol: Vestibular System, Proprioception, Ocular Motor”

This program is founded by the therapist, Mary Kawar, whose specialty is in treating learning disabilities. This study shows that visual perception training improves reading comprehension and speed, copying, and hand-eye coordination even for normal children. This training program has been widely used in many treatment centers. The advanced training is designed to help with the following: 

  • Reading comprehension or speed
  • Spatial perception
  • Written output
  • Learning disabilities

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