Course Objectives

To enhance children's concentration, organizational behavior, self-regulation, postural control, bilateral coordination, physical abilities, fine motor control, oral movements and articulation, social interaction skills and communication skills, and visual-motor integration by listening to therapeutic music in conjunction with sensory integration activities.


Alongside the tactile, vestibular and proprioceptive nervous systems, the auditory nervous system is also a vital part of the sensory integration of children. Listening is the process by which the brain perceives, organizes and integrates sounds and other sensory information from the outside world, helping us to regulate ourselves and develop adaptive behaviors.

Therapeutic Listening® is an auditory therapy program that uses music of different genres, frequency modulation and complexity to allow the child to listen while undergoing sensory integration therapy according to their individual condition and needs. The therapy regime emphasizes the integration of auditory therapy with vestibular and proprioceptive senses, core muscles and breathing activities to facilitate mental and physical concentration and stability. By listening to therapeutic music for 30 minutes at a time, twice a day, accompanied by sensory package activities, the child can make rapid progress in the following functions:

  • Concentration
  • Well-organized and methodical behavior
  • Self-regulation, emotional responsiveness
  • Postural control
  • Bilateral coordination
  • Physical abilities, small and big muscle coordination
  • Sensory modulation
  • Oral movement and articulation
  • Social interaction skills and communication
  • Visual-motor integration

"Quickshifts® is another auditory therapy tool developed by occupational therapists that adjusts the left and right channels of music to different frequencies, prompting the brain to adjust its brain waves back to a relaxed, stable alpha wave as it combines the left and right auditory messages. Quickshifts® are more user-friendly than Therapeutic Listening® and can be listened to at any time, in any setting and by anyone regardless of age or condition. When used in conjunction with sensory integration therapy, listening Quickshifts can give a boost to a child's progress in the following functions: 

  • Sensory modulation
  • Attention
  • Spatial awareness of surroundings
  • Bilateral motor coordination

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