Light & Sound Reflex Integration Treatment

Course Objectives

To promote reflex integration and improve children's cognitive, motor development and behavioral, emotional and learning problems


Light & Sound Reflex Integration Treatment is a light therapy program introduced by KickStart from the USA that uses cold lasers (low energy lasers) to illuminate reflex points and reflex pathways, integrating the original reflexes to promote the cognitive, motor, emotional and behavioral maturation in children.

Primitive reflexes are involuntary motor responses that are triggered by specific stimuli in the prenatal and postnatal months when the central nervous system of the brain is not fully developed. As the infant's brain matures, these reflexes are slowly integrated and more mature autonomous movements are developed. However, reflexes may not be integrated for different reasons and these residual reflexes can affect the child's subsequent cognitive and motor development, emotional regulation, behavioral manifestations, concentration and academic achievement.

The Light & Sound Reflex Integration Treatment uses red light and near-infrared light to inhibit inflammation, promote circulation and cellular metabolism, and accelerate nerve tissue repair. In addition to cold laser light, the treatment program also incorporates resonant frequency sound to accelerate the penetration of light and expedite reflex integration, as well as stabilize mood and promote relaxation.

Many empirical studies have been conducted to support the efficacy of cold laser, and clinicians have confirmed the effectiveness of the Light & Sound Reflex Integration Treatment in alleviating symptoms of autism, ADHD, stroke, brain injury, cerebral palsy, dementia, learning disabilities, pain, and significantly enhancing mental development and physical functioning.

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