Jerry’s testimonial

Jerry is my second child. Ever since he was born, I’ve noticed that his development was slower than his sister’s. By the time he was ten months old, I decided to take him for a check up at the hospital. Genetic testing showed nothing out of the ordinary, but MRI showed that he had a thinner corpus callosum and fewer neurons compared to the average child his age. While we continued to receive treatment at the hospital, I sought out KickStart to further stimulate Jerry.

Jerry began therapy at KickStart when he was one year old. At that time, he did not know how to roll over during sleep, so I often had to assist him in the middle of the night, which led to poor sleep quality. He was not able to stand independently, and could not move or sit steadily due to low muscle tone. He couldn’t focus his gaze, had a low level of speech and concentration, and a high level of anxiety. After a few months at KickStart, Jerry was able to focus his gaze and move more steadily. His anxiety level also decreased.

Jerry’s therapist suggested trying the Integrated Listening System (iLs) to help him boost learning motivation. However, Jerry was too young to keep the headphones on his head, so we tried Therapeutic Listening (TL) instead. After two months, I noticed that Jerry was showing curiosity to the people and environment around him. He was also more interested in joining new activities and playing games. He was actually enjoying learning.

About 6 months ago, his therapist began treating Jerry with a cold laser program called Quantum Reflex Integration (QRI). After only two times, Jerry became more active than usual, kicking his legs in different angles when sitting. Not long after that, Jerry was old enough for headphones, so we began the iLs program. It only took two months before he started to show progress in his speech. His social interaction skills also showed great improvements. Although laser treatment had been stopped, the therapist decided to get back on it when she noticed that he walked with his toes upwards. She used QRI on his Babinski Reflex, and Jerry was able to take a few steps without any assistance after a couple of sessions. I was so grateful for the progress made in these six months.

Compared to hospitals, KickStart offers scheduling options that are more flexible. Also, the therapists here are able to cater to young children in their approach. They will adjust session content, location, equipment, and more according to the child’s mood and energy level, and they will never force the child to complete anything the child doesn’t feel up to. Moreover, KickStart offers a wide variety of therapy methods, many of which I’ve never heard of at hospitals, to suit the needs of each individual child and their unique situation. I feel this is one of the biggest reasons why my child showed improvements so quickly.

I believe every parent has felt anxious about their child, wondering why only their child is behind. That was how I felt when I gave birth to Jerry. In fact, I still have this feeling from time to time. However, every child has their own timeframe. As long as you keep working with your child, progress will for sure be made. You must have confidence in your child and yourselves. Perhaps your child is a late bloomer but think of it as storing the energy you will need for the long journey. Think of Jerry, who started out slow but made leaps of improvements in just 6 months.

Jerry has been treated at KickStart for approximately two years now. Nowadays, Jerry’s anxiety level has decreased even more. He is interested in and curious about anything new. A few days ago, I took him to the park where he saw other children climbing the stairs. The old him wouldn’t even have taken any interest in that kind of activity. However, on that day, he decided to try climbing the stairs. As long as we keep following the lead of the therapists at KickStart, I know deep in my heart that my child will achieve his goal.

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