Multiple Sensory Training Program Pro

Course Objectives

To boost concentration, learning efficiency, communication, organizational skills, physiological regulation and improve emotional and behavioral manifestations.


The Multiple Sensory Training Program Pro offers a high degree of flexibility and choice: a high percentage of bone conduction output, high frequency filtered audio, and adjustable left and right ear balance on the hardware side, allowing the therapy program to be more flexible and adaptable to the needs of different symptoms to achieve more accurate and rapid efficacy.

Features of the Multiple Sensory Training Program Pro:

  • With the effect of strengthening the right ear, the Multiple Sensory Training Program Pro is designed to gradually increase the proportion of music in the right ear. In brain neuroanatomy and physiology, strengthening the right ear can enhance the effectiveness of listening, speaking and language functions.
  • In the Multiple Sensory Training Program Pro, the volume of bone conduction is increased and the function of bone conduction boosts the intrinsic activation of the vestibular system, thus promoting spatial awareness, bimanual coordination, and the coordination and fluency of movement execution, all of which are fundamental to facilitating learning. This program also enhances auditory and vestibular function, increases attention span, and enables students with low muscle tone, lethargy and passivity to participate more actively in learning.
  • Music is selected to suit the individual's situation and goals, customizing the course.
  • Choosing music to suit one's goals forms the basis of a more effective and shorter course.
  • Music at higher frequencies: Music in the advanced program can be played at frequencies up to 4000-8000 Hz. Such high frequencies promote reading comprehension, cognitive ability, creativity, brain energy, motivation, emotional regulation, and concentration.
  • All the advanced music is produced by a special technique: specially processed high and low frequency switching, which promotes the development of new neural pathways, improves attentive listening and auditory discrimination, enhances social engagement and promotes language development.
  • The program can contain interactive language lessons
    The Multiple Sensory Training Program Pro can include interactive language lessons. Children and teachers use microphones and headphones to listen to the lessons and hear their own voices to promote language development.

The Multiple Sensory Training Program Pro is intended for:  

  1. Learning difficulties: reading difficulties, writing difficulties, spelling difficulties, learning difficulties in mathematics, language delays.
  2. Poor hand-eye coordination, poor motor coordination, poor left-right discrimination, poor spatial awareness, poor development of the dominant hand, poor sense of balance
  3. Poor concentration, poor organization of life.
  4. Poor emotional regulation, uncontrolled and disordered behavior.

★ The Multiple Sensory Training Program Pro helps children to make progress in the following areas:  

  • Sensory modulation disorder
  • Self-regulation, emotional behavior, self-confidence
  • Auditory processing and communication skills
  • Concentration
  • Learning performance, cognitive function, memory
  • Body perception, motor coordination
  • Reading and writing skills
  • Language skills, social interaction skills of children with autism

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