MNRI® Neuroreflex Integrative Therapy

Course Objectives

To emphasize early motor development and reflex integration processes to promote sensory processing, motor development, emotional resilience and learning abilities.


The MNRI® Neuroreflex Integrative Therapy highlights the link between sensory stimulation and motor responses in each correct reflex process to facilitate brain processing, ranging from some of the primitive body movement modules to the maturation of high-level brain movement patterns and postural control, to achieve neurodevelopmental benefits.

The efficacy of the MNRI® Neuroreflex Integrative Therapy: 

  • Infant reflex development, repatterning and optimization of reflex function.
  • Applications to children with motor development and sensory-motor integration disorders, e.g. cerebral palsy, poor use of limbs (dyspraxia), motor system problems due to neurological deficits.
  • Children with emotional development and behavioral pattern disorders, e.g. overprotected, withdrawal, poor emotional stability, poor emotional maturity, ADHD, aggressive behavior, phobias.
  • Children with cognitive developmental disorders such as: attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, learning disabilities in mathematics, delayed language development, poor memory.
  • Optimization of auditory processing, visual processing.
  • Oral neuromotor activities for language development, including: sucking, swallowing, gnawing, chewing, head turning responses, oral movements and other reflexes.

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