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Qigong Sensory Massage

Course Objectives

This massage technique delivers tactile and pressure input to improve the child's neuroregulatory stability, which in turn improves their sleep quality, language ability, emotional stability and social skills.


The Qigong Sensory Massage is a blend of Chinese qigong and Western medicine for children with autism, emotional regulation disorders and sensory modification difficulties. Studies have suggested that children who undergo the massage for 15-20 minutes a day exhibit significant improvements in sleep quality, language ability, emotional stability and social skills.

The benefits of the qigong sensory massage include:  

  • Boosts emotional regulation
  • Reduces inappropriate behaviors such as self-stimulation or self-harm, aggressive behaviors
  • Eases sensory modulation disorders such as tactile defensiveness, gravitational insecurity and other sensory defensiveness
  • Improves sleep disorders and sleep quality
  • Increases language and social skills
  • Enhances stress adjustment
  • Alleviates digestive and picky eating problems
  • Builds up parent-child relationship

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