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Attention and Concentration Program

Course Objectives

Our Attention & Concentration Program is designed to improve:

  • Focus performance: concentration, selection, continuity and delegation
  • Memory
  • Alertness modulation
  • Amount of activity
  • Hostility control
  • Stable emotions
  • Overall learning performance

“Focus” is the first step of learning. The ability to focus greatly impacts everything your child does from eating, drinking, playing, being independent, engaging in social activities and learning in school. As a result, if a child struggles with focus, it can negatively impact his or her confidence, self-esteem and mental health.

Children who have trouble focusing often have symptoms such as: forgetfulness, high energy, difficulty calming down, getting easily distracted, dreading finishing homework, poor learning performance, irritability, and poor interaction with people.

Reasons for poor focus include: sensory integration, hyper alertness, amount of activity (either too much or too little), lack of hostility control, lowered neuro-physiological abilities, lack of motivation, etc. Our treatment team will provide tailored training and living activities to work on with your child to improve their focus. Kickstart employs advanced techniques for focus training derived from international studies. Research has revealed that these advanced lessons can improve children’s focus and improve learning performance at all levels. 

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